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Monthly Youth and Adult Rec


Youth, Adult


Interior BC, Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island


Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer


The Monthly Youth & Adult Rec program provides an opportunity for youth and adults on the spectrum to get together, build social relationships, and have a good time.

Events and locations change each month to offer a range of activities that encourage community rec and social engagement. Past activities have included rock climbing, swimming, skating, snowshoeing, pizza parties, & more.

CAN is no longer requiring a formal autism diagnosis for individuals over 13 years of age who are interested in accessing programs or services. Learn more >> 

Program Structure

Staff and volunteers support participants as they engage socially and take part in fun, age appropriate activities.

  • Session activities vary from month-to-month.
  • Each session is a one-day program, which typically varies in time from 1.5hrs to 2.5hrs.
  • Sessions take place monthly throughout the year.
  • Each session consists of 5-10 participants who may be split into smaller groups.

Supports Provided

At Canucks Autism Network, we recognize that each individual on the autism spectrum is unique. All individuals across the autism spectrum are welcome in our programs.

We strive to meet the unique needs of each program participant through conversation and collaboration. Please do not hesitate to contact our Recreation Specialist at mark.comfort@canucksautism.ca with any questions.

Two teens with autism talk with one another in our Weekly Social Program.
A support worker and a child with autism go-karting together in our Monthly Social Program.

Program Criteria

  • Participants must meet session’s age requirements as of the day of the program
  • Be registered with the CAN Community
  • Individuals across the autism spectrum are welcome
  • Commitment to attend session (See Attendance Policy)

Stay Informed

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Newsletters will be sent monthly and will include important information regarding programming, events, and registration.

Registration opens monthly

Registration for monthly youth & adult rec programs opens on the 15th of each month at 6pm.
Visit your CAN account to register.

Don’t miss a registration date!
All important dates are communicated in the monthly newsletter.

Missed a registration period?
Programs that still have space remaining will open for late registration.

A formal autism diagnosis is not required for Autistic individuals ages 13+. Learn more.